Eye shapes and styling guide



The Buff & Co Lash Professionals Eye shapes and Styling Guide is a great tool for any beginner or intermediate Lash Artist.

Have you ever looked at everyone else’s lash photos on social media and wondered why you don’t get that same WOW factor?? Chances are it could be nothing to do with your lashing skills and purely a problem with your styling!

This complete manual will be available for you to download in a printable PDF document, which you can even print off to keep in the salon!

The Eye Shapes and Styling Guide includes

  • The 10 most common Eye Shapes
  • The 4 Main Lashing Styles
  • How to pick which style will suit each client and how to map out each style
  • How to use the different Curls within your Design

You will be able to tell exactly what style and design are best suited for every single one of your clients and how to correct any unwanted features on your clients to make them look more appealing.

Small eyes or droopy eyes will be a problem no more!


Buff & Co Lash Professional

Buff & Co Lash Professional