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Learn how to create thick, full, glamorous volume lashes! If you are thinking about learning Russian Volume Lashes and want to learn from one of the most reputable courses, build a thriving clientele and charge some of the highest rates? Look no further, this is the course for you! If you want to learn all the latest methods and have ongoing support from one of the leading companies in the industry so you can build a loyal clientele that keeps coming back time and time again then keep reading…

Includes lash kit.



Welcome to Buff and Co and Congratulations on taking your first steps towards learning a new and exciting skill to add to your portfolio! If you are wanting to learn the hottest trending technique in the Lash Industry, Russian Volume Lashes, then look no further, this is the course for you!

I am Jessica Buff, Lash Artist and Trainer, Business and Branding Coach and Salon owner of Buff and Co Lashes and Beauty.

I have created Buff and Co Lash Professionals to assist existing and new lash artists grow a raving clientele, become confident with their lash skills and build a profitable business, doubling or even tripling their income!

When buying one of the Buff and Co Lash Professional Courses you can work from your home or salon at your own pace. You have access to your whole course FOREVER! It is a very effective way of learning. Our training modules are very detailed, there is definitely no disadvantage of doing your training online!

Completing your certificate online allows you to work whatever times of the day suit you, you can work through the course as quickly or as slowly as you like and you can re-watch your modules as many times as you like if you feel some things didn’t quite stick the first time! We have a great support network in a VIP Facebook Group where you will submit homework and case studies and stay accountable with other students doing the course. It is also a great place to make contact with me for absolutely ANYTHING you may need help with.

My Russian Volume Course is packed with everything I know and have learned in my 10 years experience. All my tips and tricks are made easy to learn for students at any level and has numerous different fanning techniques.

“But do I really need to learn volume lashes?”

If you want to earn more money in your business, keep ahead with the latest trends and stay ahead of your competition with a loyal returning clientele… then the answer is, YES!

Girls are charging up to $400.00 for full sets of Volume Lashes which take 2-2.5 hours… imagine the possibilities!


“But will there be enough help for me to learn online?”

We have our VIP Facebook Group available to you

Buff and Co Lash Professionals support group is available to you know. If you haven’t joined yet do it now! ITS FREE! Click Here

You will receive a certificate after completing 5 case studies

Here is what you will get with the Buff & Co Course

  • FREE VIP Facebook Group Access for ongoing, life time support
  • Learning Material, PDF’s and Printouts
  • Ebooks & BONUS videos from guest speakers
  • You will also receive a 20% Lifetime Discount on all lash products in my shop
  • A complete list of wholesalers to buy products from, which will save you thousands of $$$
  • Scheduled check in calls as frequently as you need for accountability and to ensure you are not struggling with anything

Please contact us directly to enroll in this course

Just take a minute
And picture this…

  •   You are running your own lash business, with a raving clientele who books in with you weeks in advance
  •   You have a reputation around your area, girls know you and your salon everywhere you go
  •   You are so busy you are looking to put someone on to work with you to help you build your dream even further
  •   You are making more money than you ever thought was possible
  •   You work off your own hours and can take holidays or days off whenever YOU decide

But all this seems so far away…


I know that getting started is the hardest part. I know how it feels to look around at different courses and not being sure what is best for you or feeling disappointed after completing courses that haven’t left you with all the tools and skills you were promised. I know what its like to feel like you need ongoing support after your training has finished and not really have any options or anyone to ask questions and check in with.

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Eyelash Extensions Certificate

Join the Buff and Co Lash Professionals Community and let me help you create
your dream and teach you everything I know about Business and Classic Lashes.

Here are some of the things we will cover in
your Classic Lashes Course

  •   An Introduction to Volume Lashing
  •   Eye Shapes and Styling
  •   Mapping & Styling
  •   Products & Salon Set Up
  •   Tweezer Breakdown
  •   Adhesives
  •   Patch Testing
  •   Volume Fanning Techniques
  •   Direction Practice & Wrapping the Fan
  •   Consultation
  •   Eye Pads & Taping Techniques
  •   Clean and Prep the Lashes
  •   Buff & Co Method
  •   Aftercare
  •   How to Get Quicker, Get Started, and Get Experienced
  •   Photo Editing & Social Media
  •   Volume Pricing
  •   Volume Refill
  •   Troubleshooting
  •   BONUS video on Success in Social Media with Jin Cynl
  •   Submitting Case Studies

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This course is not for beginners. A minimum of 3 months experience in Classic Lashing is necessary before beginning any training in Volume Lashes. Only purchase this course if you can commit to completing the course, and implementing all the techniques you have learnt. They do work so be sure to follow them carefully. There is no time limit on when you need to do this, but work through the course in order of the chapters. It is designed in the best way for you to learn everything and create amazing volume lash work. In my salon 98% of our clients come in for volume lashes. I can promise you this course can be one of the best decisions you have ever made so FOCUS and ENJOY!!!

Designed as a close contact mentorship for total beginners or existing lash artists looking to refresh their skills and deepen their knowledge. This course covers everything from technique to business and marketing. Our course is inclusive of all Buff and Co methods, tricks and techniques you will need to know about Volume Eyelash Extensions,  business, marketing and gaining experience. Join our team, our course and our system here.

Buff & Co Lash Professional

Buff & Co Lash Professional